Wine & Health and the Triumph of Bacchus

For the cover of my book Wine & Health: Making sense of the new science and what it means for wine lovers, my publisher chose a painting portraying the story of the Triumph of Bacchus.

Lost in Translation: Why you shouldn’t trust most reports on wine and health

How are we supposed to know what to make of news about the science of wine and health, with seemingly contradictory reports becoming the norm? In my upcoming book Wine & Health: Making Sense of the New Science and What it Means for Wine Lovers, I take a skeptical approach, looking for the truth behind the clickbait and the hyperbole.

Wine, cheese, and the French Paradox in Walla Walla

I enjoyed participating in the recent Wine BloggersConference in Walla Walla, where I gave a talk on wine and health, and I have been looking for a way to tie it all together. Since I write about wine and health, I’m in a niche slot. I don’t review wines, like most bloggers at the conference,…

A single drink a day unsafe? Not so simple.

I wanted this blog to be about the healthy role of wine in everyday life that I observed on my trip to Austria and Hungary last week, not the latest salvo against alcohol from another big study. It’s getting tiresome seeing an important issue being muddled in the search for clarity, and I don’t like…