Cheers to the book reviewers

My new book Wine & Health has been endorsed by a who’s who of experts including David Sinclair PhD, R. Curtis Ellison MD, Philip Norrie MD PhD, and author Mike Veseth (PhD)

Wine & Health and the Triumph of Bacchus

For the cover of my book Wine & Health: Making sense of the new science and what it means for wine lovers, my publisher chose a painting portraying the story of the Triumph of Bacchus.

Lost in Translation: Why you shouldn’t trust most reports on wine and health

How are we supposed to know what to make of news about the science of wine and health, with seemingly contradictory reports becoming the norm? In my upcoming book Wine & Health: Making Sense of the New Science and What it Means for Wine Lovers, I take a skeptical approach, looking for the truth behind the clickbait and the hyperbole.

Science-based hacks to detoxify alcohol

From hangovers to cancer, the danger from alcohol is due to a toxic metabolite called acetaldehyde. Studies suggest that metabolism of acetaldehyde can be enhanced, making moderate drinking safer.

Are natural wines healthier?

It makes sense that natural wines should be healthier, but Dr. Baxter asks whether some controversial additives may actually make wine better for you.