“Wine & Health: Making sense of the new science and what it means for wine lovers” released Oct 1, 2019

Can drinking red wine save your life?

Scientific breakthroughs within the past several years suggest that it may not be an unreasonable question. Red wine’s miracle molecule, resveratrol, has been proven to extend life in experimental animals. But large studies now question whether the French Paradox was an illusion, and suggest any level of consumption is hazardous. With new discoveries come new controversies though, and the answers are found in a new set of paradoxes: Wine drinkers are healthier on average and outlive nondrinkers, and the evidence is found in the very studies challenging its role in healthy living.  Wine & Health: Making Sense of the New Science and What it Means for Wine Lovers  delves into the science behind the secret to living longer and living better with wine.

wine health book cover
wine and health book cover