About Dr. Baxter

Dr. Richard  Baxter is a plastic surgeon and author based out of Seattle, Washington. When researching the science of anti-aging, he realized that it all intersected with the science of wine and healthy drinking habits, leading to his 2007 book Age Gets Better with Wine.  (A third edition is planned for release in 2019.) In this blog Dr. Baxter aims to bring to light the latest findings and best advice in this exciting but increasingly controversial topic.

According to Dr. Baxter, the concept of healthy drinking and the “French Paradox” have been called into question in recent years. Wine’s “miracle molecule” resveratrol, once hailed as a unifying explanation for wine’s ability to slow aging and reduce the odds of a range of conditions from Alzheimer’s to heart disease and the common cold, has failed to be convincingly proven. Is it still true that wine is part of a sensible anti-aging and healthy living strategy?  Dr. Baxter demystifies the science and finds the answers.

“Since I published the first edition of Age Gets Better with Wine, the research has grown extensively and taken some unexpected turns. I’m excited to publish a new book that further solidifies wine’s place in healthy living.”

– Dr. Richard Baxter

In his free time, Dr. Baxter loves to travel, draw, and dance Argentine Tango with his wife Michelle (a professional dancer and instructor), and of course keep on the lookout for his next great glass of wine.