To Your Health: Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate National Drink Wine Day

Bacchus national drink wine dayNational Drink Wine Day was created to celebrate healthy drinking so I thought it would be a good time to list 10 reasons why wine is good for health and longevity. Each of these is well established by peer-reviewed studies, and I have included a reference for those wanting more detail. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites:
1.       Wine drinkers are smart. A study from Denmark found a strong correlation of IQ to preference for wine.
2.       Wine drinkers live longer. Daily moderate consumption of wine is associated with longer average lifespan as compared to nondrinkers and beer or spirits drinkers.
3.       Wine helps prevent diabetes and is good for diabetics.
4.       Wine drinkers are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. Many studies show a strong correlation of moderate red wine consumption and better cognitive function with age.
5.       Wine drinkers have a higher quality of life, particularly in old age.
6.       Wine is good for bone health and is associated with lower odds of osteoporosis.
7.       Although the role of wine and cancer is controversial, especially for breast cancer, overall cancer deaths are lower in wine drinkers. As with other things it is a J-shaped curve.
8.       Smile! Wine is good for dental health and helps prevent cavities.
9.       Red wine drinkers have fewer colds and flu. The same is true to a lesser extent for white wine.
10.   Oh and the “French Paradox” heart health thing. This one is so well documented that I am not including a reference, but the next time you hear a report saying something like “…some studies suggest that wine lowers the risk of heart attack” I would suggest that you send this list to the reporter.

This is of course a very incomplete list and all of these things are based on the model of daily moderate consumption. So every day should be drink wine day!

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