wine and skin

I am just back from giving a lecture on wine and health at the meeting of the Society of Wine Educators, a convenient excuse to escape the record 103 degree heat in Seattle! So thoughts turn to fun in the sun. Conveniently, wine plays a role in skin health which I will enumerate as we continue through the list of 101 healthy reasons to drink wine:
69. A study from Australia, where skin cancer is a major issue, found that those who drink wine have a lower incidence of precancerous skin lesions called actinic keratoses (AK’s). Only a half glass per day, on average, lowered the incidence by 27%.
70. Wine polyphenols have been put to good use in skin care. Several studies have documented that resveratrol and other wine compounds can reduce the damage caused by UV exposure, the major cause of premature aging of the skin.

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