Three more reasons to drink wine: counting down to 101.

54. Resveratrol from wine suppresses age-related decline in physical performance, at least in mice. Using a mouse prone to rapid aging, scientists have discovered that the loss of muscle mass and related diminishing of physical abilities can be countered by resveratrol and exercise. So yes you still need to exercise, but this fits neatly with other data regarding resveratrol and athletic performance.
55. Resveratrol at concentrations attainable through healthy wine drinking, increases the level of a blood vessel-relaxing molecule called NO (nitric oxide). This in turn helps lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease.
56. Resveratrol helps burn fat. We will get into the specifics of this later, but one of the more important findings about resveratrol is that it triggers the activation of prolongevity genes called sirtuins. These are normally turned on by caloric restriction, or near-starvation. One of the effects is release of fat from fat cells, which can also be acheived with resveratrol.

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