More healthy reasons to drink red wine ; counting to 101

Arthritis is an category that has some particularly interesting responses to wine drinking. As we continue to count up to 101 reasons to drink red wine, we start with:
37. Gout. This one surprised even me, since it has long been standard advice for gout victims to avoid rich foods and drinks. But a review from the School of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego found that wine drinkers actually have a lower incidence of gouty arthritis.
38. The inflammatory actions of arthritis are largely mediated through a chemical called Tumor Necrosis Factor. Resveratrol from wine is a potent neutralizer of TNF.
39. In two large Scandinavian studies, alcohol consumption coorelated with a decreasing risk for rheumatiod arthritis, as much as 40% lower in the heaviest drinkers.

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